Best Places to Pick Apples and Pumpkins near NYC/Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

This weekend we will be going to the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze (which we sadly missed last year due to a crazy snow storm in the middle of October).

We wanted to pair the trip with some apple and pumpkin picking.  I went through all the options listed in this and this article to come up with the closest places.  The Blaze is fairly close to NYC while several of the farms are farther north.  Here are 5 of the best spots. Please see attached map here.  Make sure you call beforehand to make sure they still have stuff to pick!

1. Stuart’s Fruit Farm
62 Granite Springs Rd
Granite Springs, NY (12.1 miles/30 mins from the Blaze)

Stuart’s has been around for the past 180 years.   You can pick-your-own pumpkins right from the vine through November. In addition to seasonal activities, customers can buy fresh produce, tomatoes, and apples (over 30 kinds) or visit the bakery daily.

*Unfortunately there will only be pumpkins available this upcoming weekend.

(Source: CBS)

2. Outhouse Orchards
139 Hardscrabble Road
Croton Falls, NY (22.5 miles/36 mins from the Blaze)

Outhouse Orchards is a family owned and operated orchard in northern Westchester. Outhouse Orchards was founded in the late 1800’s by our Great Grandfather as a dairy farm. It was not until the early 1900’s fruit began being farmed as well as continuing with dairy production. Upon his death in 1943 Great Grandfather Outhouse was succeeded by his son A. Purdy Outhouse. At this time the farm expanded to growing peaches, plums and vegetables with the Outhouse sisters making donuts and pies.

In 1963 Purdy took ill leaving his wife Ada to run the farm with family until 1972 when their two sons Wayne and Drew took over daily operations. Present day leaves us with Wayne and his family still operating the orchards hoping to bring that old time farm family atmosphere.

(Source: Outhouse Orchards)

3. Dr. Davies Farm 
306 Rte 304
Congers, NY  (22.4 miles/41 mins from the Blaze)

Though it’s home to more than 4,000 apple trees spread across 35 acres, this Hudson Valley farm—originally built by Dr. Lucy Virginia Davies and her husband, Arthur, in 1891—is less than a half hour from the George Washington Bridge. Picking poles are available, but young ones should be able to manage with the orchard’s low-hanging fruit. In October, weekend trailer rides ($5) stop at the farm’s faux pumpkin patch, where kids can pick small sugar pumpkins ($3 each) that were placed there but grown elsewhere.

(Source: CBS)

4. The Orchards of Concklin 
2 South Mountain Rd
Pomona, NY (26.1 miles/40 mins from the Blaze)

The highlight at this venerable orchard (it’s been around since 1712!) is its picturesque half-acre corn maze. If your kids still have energy to spare after making their way through it, they can bounce the buzz away in the haunted blow-up house or on the giant slide (open from noon to 5pm). From April through the end of the year, each month boasts a special offering; expect plenty of apple- and pumpkin-picking in October, and in November freshly baked Thanksgiving pies are up for sale. Sample a homemade quiche or pick out a pumpkin to take home.

(Source: CBS)

5. Fishkill Farms
9 Fishkill Farm Road
Hopewell JCT, NY (30.4 miles/44 mins from the Blaze)

Fishkill Farms is a historic apple orchard that has been in the Morgenthau family for nearly 100 years. After leasing the farm to outside management for a period, Robert and Josh Morgenthau, the second and third generation of the farm family, took the operation back in 2007. Soon, a team began to develop, and Josh took over management of the farm. With the hard work and dedication of the team, Fishkill Farms has grown from a conventionally farmed apple orchard in need of new trees and new tractors, into a diversified, ecological farm with new orchards and infrastructures. Here are the additions to the farm in the past few years:15 acres of diverse, organically grown vegetables, pasture-raised hens and sheep, many acres of new fruit trees, farmer’s markets nearby and in New York City, and a pick-your-own CSA. The mission of the farm has been to marry its historic identity as a family “u-pick” apple orchard, with the Fishkill Farms team’s shared goals of diversification and environmental stewardship through sustainable farming methods.

(Source: Fishkill Farms)

We’re going to the Ocean House for dinner which is a great place to eat nearby the Great Jack O’lantern Blaze (1 mile away).  It’s supposed to be an awesome and cozy seafood shack.  It’s also BYOB!


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