Todd Selby talks about the Edible Selby

I recently attended a talk given by Todd Selby at the 92Y about his new book, Edible Selby.  He was joined by Mission Chinese’s Danny Bowien, Tartine Bakery’s Chad Robertson, Blue Bottle Coffee’s Caitlin and James Freeman and Chris Ying, the editor-in-chief of Lucky Peach.

Here were some of the profiles and cool things Todd spoke about (plus a little of my researched tid-bits):

Mast Brothers Chocolate
  • In 2011, the brothers sailed 20 tons of cacao beans from the Dominican Republic to New York
Sa Foradada
  • A pealla restaurant in Mallorca operated by Emilio Fernandez and his daughter Lidia
  • To get there, you either have to walk for 1.5 hours or ride a boat (sort of reminds me of The Willows Inn on Lummi Island)
David Hoffman
  • tea importer who lives in an eclectic property surrounded by a moat in Marin County
  • David imports pu-erh teas from China
  • Some of his collection: Silver Bud White Pu-erh (Big Snow Mountain, Yunnan 2003) and Linbao (Wuzhou Guangxi Province, 1995)
  • There are counterfeit versions of these precious teas (what a surprise)
Mission Chinese
  • originated as a Chinese popup restaurant inside a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco
  • Chef Danny Bowien was born in Korea and raised in Oklahoma
  • The Oklahoma BBQ is the only authentic thing about the restaurant
  • Todd revealed that Danny frequently eats Chinese takeout for dinner
Kirk Lombard and the Sea Forager
  • The Sea Forager does boutique commercial fishing and gives fishing tours around San Francisco
  • You can actually catch fish out of a San Francisco storm drain
Nordic Food Lab
  • started by chef Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer
  • provides research related to raw materials and old/new techniques for Nordic cooking
  •  located in a houseboat
I’ll share some of my own favorite stories when I get around to finish reading the book!

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