Best Cider Doughnuts

We had the best cider doughnuts at Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard last weekend.  They were the best cider donuts I’ve ever had and definitely beat out the ones at the Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market.  They had sugar, cinnamon-sugar and plain (we only tried the cinnamon-sugar ones).  On their property, they had local vendors selling pies, wood-fired pizza etc.  They also have a huge country store that sold a lot of jams, butters, pumpkin pie ice cream etc.

We actually picked apples across the street at Outhouse Orchard.  We had their apple and pumpkin pie (they were good but not great).  I think next year we’ll go earlier in the season and pick at Harvest Moon instead!


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  1. you have to try the cider doughnuts at Locanda Verde

    • oh wow ok! i’ve been to locanda but did not try the cider doughnuts! when they’re made well they’re SOOO nummy. thanks for the heads up, i really appreciate it! 🙂

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