Pie Party Potluck LIVE 2012

Here’s a list of the AWESOME pies at last night’s Pie Party Potluck LIVE 2012 at the GE Monogram Design Center.  I tasted every single pie and tried to take notes on the ones I liked most (this plan was abandoned quickly because I was too busy stuffing my face) and then I tried taking pictures of the signs of the pies (but that didn’t work out too well either because some signs fell and got all jumbled).  I’ve put asterisks on the pies I remembered liking a lot.  Honestly though, every single one of the pies was AH-MAZING.  Great job everyone!!

PS.  I will be posting some of the pie recipes if/when I get a hold of some of them!

Jackie: The Diva That Ate New York Tamale Pie (savory) and Heavenly Chocolate Pie**** (sweet)
Ken: Hungry Rabbit Salted Caramel Tart**** and Cranberry Curd Tart with Walnut Crust**** (sweet)
Andrea: High Low Food Drink Maple Butter Tarts (sweet)
Margaret: Savory Sweet Living Curried Chicken Pie with Kale and Butternut Squash**** (savory)
Tara: Chip Chip Hooray Apple Streusel Pies (sweet)
Jennifer: Jennifer Baker Gruyere Spinach Quiche (savory)
Susan: The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie**** (sweet)
Mallory: Total Noms Bourbon Spiced Sweet Potato Pie with a Pecan Crust (sweet)
Veronica: Veronica Chan Apple Pie (sweet)
Carrie: Poet In The Pantry Car Bomb Whoopie Pies (sweet)
Caitlin: Becoming Brooklyn Pumpkin Applebutter Pie w/Gingersnap Crumble (sweet)
Emily: A Change Of Eatery Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie (sweet)
Sekita: Kika Eats Banoffee Pie (sweet)
Kathyrn & Ed: Cooking Inside The Box Caramel Peanut Butter Pie with a Pretzel Crust! (sweet) Coconut Chess Pie (sweet)
Vicki: The Vicki Winters Show Thomas Keller’s quiche (savory)
Alejandra & Hubby: Always Order Dessert Banoffee Pie (sweet) Braised Pork “Pernil” with Mofongo Crust**** (savory)
Kate & Hubby: Food Babbles Chocolate Salted Caramel Pie**** (sweet) Cranberry Apple Pecan Tart (savory)
Kelly: Kelly Bakes Linzer Torte (sweet)
Lisa: The Rescue Baker Cafe Mocha Tart****(sweet)
Kathy: The Experimental Gourmand Peking Duck Pie**** (savory) Lemon-Lime-Coconut Tart (sweet)
Michael: He’s The Gay Gourmet Apple, Bacon, Peanut Butter Pie (sweet)
Abby: Abby Dodge Red Velvet Whoopie Pies (sweet)
Suzanne: A Pug In The Kitchen Cognac Pecan Pie and Cognac Fig and Goat Cheese Tart (sweet)
Waisum: Urban Blitz Flickr Ricotta Pie (savory)
Andrea Lynn: Andrea Lynn S’mores Pie (sweet)
Jeff: i8and8 UNPie (savory)
Lillian: Sweets by Sillianah Apple Whoopie Pies (sweet) Apple Onion Bacon Chard Tart**** (savory)
Mariko: Mariko Autumn Apple & Pork Hand Pies (savory)
Lou: Lou and Esi Almond Pear Tart (sweet)
Emily:  Citrus Spice Pecan Pie (sweet)
Yossi: Apt 2B Baking Co. Apple, Cranberry and Quince Pie (sweet)
Casey: Casey Barber Pear-Walnut and/or Cranberry-Apple and/or Maple Buttermilk and/or Sweet Potato Streusel and/or Winter Chiffon Citrus (sweet)
Stephen: Trinidadian Aloo Pie (savory)
Ronald: Southern Banana Puddling Pie (sweet)
Debra: Eat Quest NYC Cranberry Apple Pie (sweet)
Urvashee: Dessarts Chocolate Chip Coconut Pie (sweet)
Katie: KBR’s Kitchen Pecan Caramel Cream Cheese Pie (sweet)
Pam: Three Many Cooks Port Wine-Caramelized Onion & Bacon Galette w a Blue Cheese Crust (savory)
Katerina: The Cooking Cottage Shoo Fly Pie (sweet)
Melissa: The Spatula Queen Bourbon-Ginger-Apple Pie (sweet)
Autumn: Autumn Makes Concord Grape Tart (sweet)
Jessica: Food Mayhem Very Berry Hand Pies (sweet)
Stephanie: Lucky Penny Bake Shop Maple-Pumpkin Pie (sweet)
Tamar: Economic Krunch! Pie: toffee crust with chocolate, nuts & other surprise toppings**** (sweet)
Colleen: Souffle Bombay Turtle Tart (sweet) and Nantucket Pie (sweet)
Simran: Kitchen Surfing Blog Bacon-Caramel Apple Pie with Matcha Crust (sweet)
Chris: The Peche Raspberry Pie and Whole Lemon Pie – STACKED! (sweet)
Renee: Kitchen Conundrum Blueberry Crumb Pie**** (sweet)  Gooey Hazelnut Pie**** (sweet)
Justin: JustcookNYC Texarcana Pork and Bean Pie with Cornpone Topping**** (savory)
Andrew: Zokos Onion Pie**** (savory)
Angela: Mind Over Batter Guava Cheese Mini Pies**** (sweet)
Susan: Buttermilk Pie**** from Ivy Bakery (sweet)


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  1. Kudos to you for trying every pie! 🙂 It was a great night.

  2. Tianne

    The creativity of all these pie-makers is amazing! This event looks like it was very successful…..for good reason!

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