Rosemary’s Enoteca & Trattoria****

18 Greenwich Ave
(between Charles St & 10th St)
New York, NY 10011
[Neighborhood: West Village]

Reservations: no

Food: **** Out of 5 pastas on the menu, 2 were fresh homemade pastas.  The orecchiette was awesome.  The space is beautiful and rooftop garden was tiny (but awesome!) and definitely contributed to the experience.


  • Orecchiette with braised greens, homemade sausage****1/2 – must order.  The pasta is chewy and thick…tastes like mao er duo (cat’s ear’s noodles).
  • Cavatelli with peas, mint, ricotta**** – must order
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts***1/2

Would have liked to order but did not have enough stomach space for:

  • Housemade Mozzarella with Tuscan olive oil and basil
  • Linguini with preserved lemon, pickled chili, parmigiano
  • Foccacia di Recco filled with stracchino cheese
  • Olive Oil Cake with whipped cream and blueberries

Service: **


  • Proprietor Carlos Suarez also owns Bobo, which is a super cozy and nummy restaurant located in a West Village townhouse.
  • The chef, Wade Moises, worked at BabboLupa, and Eataly under Mario Batali.
  • Only serves beer and wine (40 bottles at $40).

The Rating System:
* poor
** fair
*** good
**** very good
***** excellent


About thenummylist

Blog about eating, drinking, and everything related written by Icy Liu.


  1. midori

    the orecchiette looks delicious, love hot peppers with pasta!

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