The Blog

Hi there!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  Here, you will find posts (without a lot of writing and mostly in list form) on the following:

–          Food (restaurants, dishes, snacks, ice cream, dessert…you get the idea)
–          Drinks (wine, cocktails, liquor, beer)
–          Events I attend in NYC covering the topics above
–          Interesting facts about food and drinks
–          Recipes

Why I Started the Blog

I love to eat and drink.  I also like to talk about and take pictures of the stuff I eat and drink….A LOT.  When I bombard my friends with stuff like this I’ve often been told that I should start a food blog.  Over the years I’ve received many requests for restaurant recommendations so I’m also using this blog as a tool to collect those thoughts and share my pearls of wisdom.

My husband and I were married in Napa Valley in the summer of 2011.  To prepare for the wedding, I made 2 trips to San Francisco and Napa.  Before embarking on any trip I always do extensive research on the things I plan to eat once I arrive.  While researching my Northern California trips I stumbled upon 7×7’s “The Big Eat 2011 – 100 Things to Try Before You Die.”  I love this list because the format provides a great summary of everything one should eat while in San Francisco in a very clear cut format.  Their site inspired me to create a blog composed of mostly lists and my hope is that the information presented here will be useful and easy to read.

The Rating System

If I decide to rate anything, it will be based on 1 to 5 stars:

* poor
** fair
*** good
**** very good
***** excellent

Who I am

Hi again!  My name is Icy Liu.  I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.  While living there I used to frequent the city’s night markets and street stalls, training my tummy to be afraid of nothing.  Having an adventurous palate has definitely helped as I travel the world and eat the interesting things I find.

I have been interested in the NYC dining scene since moving here to attend college in 2001.  I currently reside on the Upper West Side but that doesn’t deter me from traveling to all 5 boroughs to discover good eats, food classes and events.  I have eaten at 44 Michelin rated restaurants around the world (total of 68 stars) and 15 of S.Pellegrino’s “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.  Although I love high-end restaurants, my food interests are extremely diverse and I also love checking out snacks, grocery stores, food carts, wine bars, and hole-in-the-wall places.

In addition to contributing to this blog, I’m currently spending my time building a small real estate rental business and walking dogs.

You can email me at: thenummylist [at] gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you!

Icy from The Nummy List Food Blog

Icy during her trip to Siena, Italy where she ate gelato at least once to twice a day


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